Doves is a mixed year 3 and year 4 class taught by Mr Wood (click on his picture to find out more) and supported by Miss Perkins.

The children learn the skills set out in the National Curriculum through a balance of cross-curricular topics and discreetly taught subject skills. The children experience a range of stimulating trips and projects linked to their topics during their time in Doves.

Doves Topics


Year A Topic Mats:

Autumn 1 –  The Big Smoke     Habitats

Autumn 2 – Round the Twist!   Light

Spring 1 – The Terrible Tudors    Sound

Spring 2 – A Titantic Tale   Electricity

Summer 1 – Busy Bees Rainforests and Plants & Trees

Summer 2 – Ponchos and Sombreros and Plant Life Cycles

Year B Topic Mats:

Autumn 1 –  Healthy Humans     Nutrition, Skeletons & Muscles

Autumn 2 – The Egyptian Inventors     Teeth & the Digestive System

Spring 1 – A Kenyan Adventure       Safari Animals

Spring 2 – The Ruthless Romans      Forces & Magnets

Summer 1 –  From Stone to Iron       Rocks & Soils

Summer 2 – Forces of Nature       States of Matter

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