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“God’s Work Our Hands Sunday”   September 9, 2018
The intent is to reinforce that every act of service in daily calling, in every corner of life flows freely from a confidence in God’s grace.   the reality that you work every day to make your community a better place and that God provides all we need.

God provides it through us, the farmers, bakers, warehouse workers, wholesale distributors, truck drivers, shelf stockers, and clerks at the checkout counter, ordinary people loving and serving neighbors in the roles, relationships and responsibilities of our ordinary lives.


  • Donated and delivered food to Cal State Dominguez’s food pantry.
  • Provided housing and meals for college student interns of the
  • Guardian Angels help unaccompanied minors who were scheduled to appear in the Los Angeles courts.
  • Donated hygiene products to ADLA’s for their God’s Work Our Hands Sunday project.
  • CLC supported NCP, ADLA and other Congregation with their fundraisers.



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